The Balmain Association Incorporated


As well as stone (discussed elsewhere), bricks were made in the colony from 1788. Until 1870, stock bricks were handmade, in moulds. These small, soft, bricks in beautiful colours were sometimes left bare (as in Hyde Park Barracks, Macquarie Street, in the city) and sometimes covered in render and limewash. The render protected the soft bricks from the elements, and in 1970s was often removed by enthusiastic renovators, resulting in the decay of the sought-after sandstock bricks. More about Sydney’s bricks.
Timber weatherboard (clapboard) was another commonly–used material throughout the 1800s. Though relatively cheap, available and easy to use, it is liable to rot or termite attack if it is not maintained diligently. An early surviving example (c.1850) is visible on this walk in 5-9 Queens Place.

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The Balmain Association Incorporated
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