The Balmain Association Incorporated

Getting to Balmain

Balmain’s narrow, winding streets, 40 KM speed limit and limited parking make public transport a preferable alternative.

FERRIES are the fastest and most scenic way to get to Balmain, although as they are often infrequent it is wise to check the timetable when planning a trip.
Ferries go from Circular Quay and Darling Harbour to Balmain East wharf and from Circular Quay to Thames Street and Yurulbin (at the end of Louisa Road, Birchgrove).

BUSES: the 441 runs between Birchgrove and the Queen Victoria Building, the 442 runs between Balmain East wharf and the Queen Victoria Building. The 444 and
445 run from Campsie to Balmain East via Dulwich Hill and Leichhardt, and the 433 runs between Balmain (Gladstone Park) and the city, via Glebe and George Street.

For detailed information about public transport, please visit

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The Balmain Association Incorporated
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